Uncompress as a verb?


I noticed on the file preview feature in Mavericks (select a file in finder and hit the spacebar,) when you preview a compressed file, there is now a button labeled "uncompress."  Sound wrong, no?  Shouldn't that be "decompress?"  The accepted answer on Stack Exchange's English Language & Usage site looks definitive on this one.  Meriam-Webster seemingly agrees.  Webster's include only a definition for decompress -- no "uncompress" is to be found.

Seems like an odd choice.  Certainly they're not the only ones ever to use it -- but there's just something about it that subtly hit that nerve that cringes a bit when a word or sentence is not right.  Blipped on my internal grammar-nazi radar perhaps.  


Hello World & Messing with Drupal and Panopoly



This site is just part of some personal cloud-hosted web-space and a URL I have.  At the time of this writing, (May 2014) I have just started a job as a Drupal developer (somewhat of a new area for me specifically. I've been more of a PHP/Lamp and Java guy for my career up to this point.  But I've tooled around enough with this website (on it's 5th installation now -- haven't restored all the old data yet, hence the bare cupboards) to at least get me started running at the new job.

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